Winning a seat at the table: An effort to oust San Juan County, Utah, Commissioner Willie Grayeyes from office fails | Four Corners Free Press

To understand why San Juan County Commissioner Willie Grayeyes’ Utah residency was recently challenged in court, it helps to understand the area where Grayeyes is registered to vote.

Grayeyes was born on Piute Mesa, a remote strip of redrock on the Navajo Nation in southern San Juan County, Utah, and he has held a grazing permit there for decades. Driving from the mesa — which contains roughly 20 modular homes and traditional hogans — to the hamlet of Navajo Mountain, Utah, requires crossing a deep sandstone canyon that can become impassable when wet. And accessing basic services such as grocery stores, laundromats, gas stations, and broadband internet requires an even longer trip across the Utah state line.

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Zak Podmore is a freelance journalist and editor of the Canyon Echo: A Journal of Southeastern Utah.

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